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12"/300MM mitutoyo digimatic spc caliper-save $230

12"/300MM mitutoyo digimatic spc caliper-save $230
Brand New Mitutoyo/ST Industries 0-12"/300mm Digimatic Caliper with SPC data output, model #500-173ST.
These Brand New, Factory Sealed, inch/metric Calipers are a bargain at $225.00 each - that's $230 OFF the $455.00 list price.
Manufactured by Mitutoyo for ST Industries (Scherr-Tumico), this is Mitutoyo's model #500-173 caliper with the ST Industries name on the display housing and beam. Furnished in a beautiful wood case with battery, model #500-173ST - this is the genuine Mitutoyo 500-173 model and brand new, not a copy or refurbished.
Integrated Flat Depth Measuring Bar!
Mitutoyo/ST Industries #500-173ST Digimatic Caliper Features:
* "Quadri" measurement capabilities: OD, ID, Step and Depth measurements.
* The Absolute "Set 'N Forget" technology allows direct measurements from power on - eliminating the time consuming Origin set-up every time the caliper is powered on.
* The display can be Zero-set at any slider position for easy comparison measurements.
* SPC data output for meaurement recording/analysis.
* Large .365" high LCD digits allow for easy reading.
* A scale contamination detection function is implemented to detect contamination of surface and display the error message (ErrC) on the LCD. The correct value is only displayed if the contamination is removed.
* Excellent battery life providing 3.5 years (20,000 hours) of continuous operation usng a single battery.
Mitutoyo/ST Industries #500-173ST Digimatic Caliper Specifications:
* Measuring range: 0-12"/300mm
* Display resolution: .0005"/0.01mm
* Accuracy: +/-.0015"/0.038mm
* ABSOLUTE Linear Encoder technology.
* Functions: Origin-set, Zero-set, ABS/INC, Inch/mm conversion.
* Alarm: Low voltage, Counting value composition error.
* Quantizing Error: 1 count.
* Maximum response speed: No Limit.
* Integrated Flat Depth measuring bar.
* Outside measuring jaws depth: 2.52"/64mm
* Large LCD for easy reading.
* Battery life: 3.5 years under normal use.
* Battery type: SR44 Silver Oxide cell, 1 pc.
* Includes fitted wood storage case and battery.
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