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Ford 309 corn planter

Ford 309 corn planter
This is a Ford 309 corn planter. I think this is an extra nice one. It is field ready. As you can see in the pictures, it does not have the fertilizer attachments. If you don't want the fertilizer attachment, here is a chance to save some serious money, as they cost considerably more with the fertilizer attachment. This is a plate planter. It will plant a variety of things, such as milo, cane, beans, many varieties of corn, including flat, round, popcorn, sweetcorn-anything Ford made a plate for.
Local pickup is always welcome, if you live close enough and would rather pick your item up. If you need time to pick it up, we will be glad to hold it, as long as it is paid for. Loading here is no problem, as we have a loader tractor.
(Ford 309 corn planter was posted and is owned by: Jose Carney)
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Ford 309 corn planter Ford 309 corn planter