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Warehouse lighting hubbell superwatt

Warehouse lighting hubbell superwatt
Over 130 lights available perfect for warehouses, auto shops, etc
Hubbell Superwatt HID 400 watt
Lights are in various condition some are perfect some have slight imperfections, Where all in working order when removed. comes with bulbs.
welcome to come in and choose your light fixtures.
The Superwatt luminaire is an enclosed HID lighting fixture designed to provide comfortable, high efficiency illumination on vertical as well as horizontal surfaces. The exclusive computer designed refractor has 95% efficiency, 27% uplight and greatly reduced output in the direct glare zone. With its 2.2:1 spacing to mounting height ratio, this luminaire is particularly effective in low and medium mounting height applications where illumination is required on both vertical and horizontal surfaces. The Superwatt lighting system assures that all tasks are illuminated from many units thereby reducing harsh shadows and projecting light into machinery for optimum visibility.
Available in 175W Electro-Reg - Hubbell s exclusive high performance metal halide system with 50%+ longer lamp life, 2-4 minute hot restrike, constant high power factor and color rendition throughout lamp life.
Unique Photometric Distribution
27% uplight softens the brightness difference between luminaire and surrounding areas. The maximum downward candlepower is projected at 45 from vertical for wide distribution and the greatly reduced candlepower above 55 minimizes direct glare.
Ease of Installation and Maintenance
Spun aluminum with gray Lektrocote finish.
Refractor is injection molded of 100% UVA-825-HID high performance acrylic (polycarbonate available for HPS). Santoprene gasket is installed between refractor and 91% minimum reflectance white Lektrocote reflector.
Allowable Ambient Temperatures
40 C standard on all 250 and 400W units. 55 C standard on 175W Metal Halide and 175W Electro-Reg . 55 C available for 250 watt units. Add -HA option suffix.
Not for outdoor or wind buffeted locations.
Luminaire retainers/safety cables reduce risk of equipment falling.
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Warehouse lighting hubbell superwatt Warehouse lighting hubbell superwatt